This summer, perfect your skin without make-up!

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This summer, perfect your skin without make-up!
When we think of summer, the first image that comes to mind is a holiday in the sun and a beautiful tan... Unfortunately our skin is less enthusiastic about facing extreme heat, not to mention the sudden changes in temperature (the hot-to-cold of air con or the underground, does that remind you of anything?). Because when the temperature rises, our skin reacts: it becomes less irritated, and it shines a lot more...
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What’s actually happening?

The increase in temperature has the effect of making sebum more fluid. Combination skin in winter becomes oily in summer, while dry skin is less irritated and is more comfortable. Along with this, there is:

perspiration: the small sweat glands present on the skin in large quantities are unleashed under the effect of the heat, resulting in shine and dilated pores!

attacks from UV rays, pollution (often stronger in summer and hot weather), chlorine by the sea / pool.

dehydration: heat and air-conditioning absorb the moisture of the skin and mishandle the skin barrier, which no longer effectively plays its role of shield. The skin loses water and reacts by producing sebum… as if we didn’t have enough already!

What routine should you adopt then, to keep your skin beautiful in the face of sun, air con and sweat?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

In summer, whether it is dry, combination or oily, your skin will need a lot of water to combat accelerated dehydration. You just need to choose the right kind for your skin type: go for a light gel texture, low in lipids, for combination to oily skin (Moisturising Serum followed by Anti-Imperfections Mattifying Care, for example), and something richer such as 12h Essential Moisturiser for normal to dry skin.

Rehydrate several times a day with Saint-Gervais Thermal Water mist (soothing, moisturising and restorative), just like you give your body water in the form of several glasses every day.

Finally, give your skin a big bath of thermal re-hydration with the Rehydrating Soothing Mask and leave it for 10 minutes or overnight for skin full of water, minerals, regained radiance and a fresh, plumped-up complexion. Apply in abundance when you come back from the beach or pool! Just like the Melting Body Balm will be your skin’s best after-sun friend for your body (rich but not greasy, fresh, and delicately scented).



It’s no secret: for your skin, there’s nothing better than a good shield. Putting on an SPF 50 anti-UV ray sunscreen every day doesn’t mean you won’t tan. It does however mean that you’ll avoid sunburn, hot flushes (redness, over heating, and shininess) and in the longer term, wrinkles and age spots, or even melanomas. Make sure that your SPF sunscreen (in cream, fluid or spray format) is anti-UVB (the rays responsible for sunburn) and anti-UVA (those responsible for skin ageing and a dull complexion).

Creams rich in anti-oxidants (such as our Anti-Ageing Prevention Treatment with anti-oxidising Alpine Edelweiss) also enable the skin to better manage free radicals (cells broken by attacks from UVs or pollution).

Scrub / exfoliate

To stimulate the epidermis and boost cell renewal, for a fresh complexion and a healthy glow (and to prevent an uneven tan at the same time), we recommend using a scrub on your face and body (such as our Thermal Gentle Scrub for the face) twice a week, even on sensitive skin.

And you’re ready for summer!

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